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Guiding You the Right Way



Individual Music or Expressive Arts Therapy 

  • 50 or 90 or 120 minutes private sessions

  • Optimal interaction with the music therapist

  • Sessions vary from highly structured to client-led, depending on needs and goals.

Small-Group Music or Expressive Arts Therapy 

  • 90 minutes session or above

  • Minium 4 persons

  • Peer support, and/or practice social skills 

Individual Baby massage class  (PIMI)

  • 60 minutes session for 3 weeks

  • Individual parents learn about providing nurturing touch of massage to your baby


Small group baby massage class (PIMI)

  •  60 minutes session for 4 weeks

  •  Parents in group with peer support, learn about providing nurturing touch of massage to your baby.


Workshop for individual Corporations

  • 90 minutes /session, or 2-4 sessions /day, or up to 2 days

  • Depending on corporate learning needs or goals. 



  • 個人音樂/表達藝術治療 – 每節 50或90 或120分鐘

  • 小組音樂/表達藝術治療 – 每節 90 分鐘或以上

  • 個別家長嬰兒按摩班 – 每一節 60分鐘 (三次)

  • 小組家長嬰兒按摩班 – 每一節 60分鐘(四次)

  • 個別企業工作坊或培訓– 每節 90 分鐘或以上




Individual Music Imagery/Expressive arts Therapy/Guided Imagery & Music


  • No charge for a 15 minutes initial informational telephone consultation

  • HK$900/hour for in person consultation

  • The same fee apply if work by phone under special circumstances

  • Package is available i.e. one free session for a series of 5 or10 sessions purchased depending on the interventions


Group Expressive Arts Therapy/Focused Music Imagery


  • HK$ 250-350 /session with Minimum of 4 people or $150 (students' rate)


Individual Baby massage class


  • HK$ 1500 (3 sessions) + materials & transportation fee


Group baby massage class


  • HK$ 1000 (4 sessions with minimum two couple families)


Workshop for individual Corporations


  • $1600 per hour + materials & transportation fee



  • 個別音樂治療每小時港幣$800/每小時, 免費15分鐘電話查詢

  • 小組音樂治療每小時港幣$200-250/每小時 (最少四人)

  • 個別人家長嬰兒按摩班 (三節) + 物料和交通費

  • 小組家長嬰兒按摩班 (四節) + 物料費

  • 企業工作坊或培訓每小時港幣$1200 +物料和交通費




  • Accept only Cash and checks .

  • 24 hour notice is required for appointment cancellations without charge. No shows also are subject to full charge.

  • If we can reschedule a cancelled appointment within the same week, there is no extra charge.




  • 只接受現金或支票

  • 需要二十四小時前通知取消預約,才不需要收費。

  • 若可以改動預約至同一個星期,不另外收費。

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