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We are a Hong Kong based company, specializing in providing music and wellness related services.  Our specialties include Focused Music Imagery (FMI) / Guided Imagery and Music (GIM) , Focusing Oriented Expressive Arts (FOAT) and Parent Infant Massage Instructor (PIMI).  We believe that music is a source of wellness.

Our mission is to promote personal growth, self-compassion and creativity to those who have challenges and needs in life, aged 16 or above adults in Hong Kong, using FMI, GIM and FOAT.  It is our aim to improve your quality of life and bring insights to those who have challenges in health, interpersonal relationship, spiritual and transpersonal areas.  That is why we also include services, such as teaching baby massage class to parents with new-born baby. Our belief is to serve our clients as a whole, as one cannot separate the physical needs from the mental one.


Meanwhile, we will design a special service for you individually or a workshop/training program for your corporation/non-profit organization.  We will have specific workshop to manage the job-related depression, stress and facilitate team building.   
Angela Shum RN, MT-BC, MTA, FAMI, HPMT

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Abundant Wellness

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