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interpersonal relationship 

Questioning your working performance

Yearning for creativity and spontaneity  

Depressed, anxious and worried

Grieving for the loss of your loved one

In a complex romantic relationship

Losing enthusiasm at work

Overwhelmed by life's changes and transitions

Struggling with life threatening illnesses

Meet Angela

Meet Angela Shum

Certified Baby Massage Instructor & Music Therapist

Angela Shum has been a registered nurse for more than 10 years, working in health care setting across different countries and cities, including Hong Kong, Canada and USA. Her nursing clinical experience has been extensive in various settings, including hospital, nursing home and university. She has worked with clients in the area of oncology (bone marrow transplant), surgery, medicine (cardiology) as well as geriatric (Dementia/Alzheimer).

After she earned her master degree in expressive therapy (specialize in music therapy and mental health counseling), she worked as a music / rehabilitation therapist at the Provincial/State hospitals in both Canada and USA. She has experiences working with clients having needs in dementia, forensic psychiatry, problem gambling/addictions, stroke/traumatic brain injury and developmental disabilities.  Presently, she is residing in Hong Kong with the passion of educating psychiatric nurses about music imagery, GIM & expressive arts therapy/ (FOAT) and promotes this approach in the health care setting and organizations.




Parent Infant Massage

(Baby Massage)

A healing touch of massage therapy to  improve physical, emotional and psychological well-being of parents and infants.


Focused Music Imagery  (FMI), Guided Imagery Music (GIM), & Music  Breathing  (MB)

A music-centered, consciousness-
expanding therapy that facilitates clients’ well-being.

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Focusing Oriented Expressive Arts FOAT ®

A bodily felt experiencing, to access the body’s innate wisdom for healing and transformational change.

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- A mental health nurse

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